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ACES IV-2S Two Stroke Gasoline Formula

The ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formula can be used with mixed or injected oil systems.

The ACES IV, ACES IV-P, and ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formulas are all available in 32 oz squeeze bottles as well as 128 oz gallons. The 32 oz squeeze bottle treats 192 gallons, and the 128 oz gallons treat 770 gallons of fuel. Mix ratio is 1 oz per 6 gallons of gasoline.

The gallon form comes with an 8 oz squeeze bottle that treats 48 gallons at a time before refilling, and can be put in a glove compartment or door pocket for easy retrival.

One 32 oz bottle – treats 192 gallons. Also available in cases of 8 bottles per case.

One 128 oz gallon jug-treats 770 gallons. Includes one 8 oz squeeze bottle for easy and accurate dispensing. Also available in 4 gallons per case. Includes one 8 oz squeeze bottle for each gallon to use for dispensing.


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