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ACES IV Gasoline Formula

ACES IV Gasoline Formula is designed for all regular street engines old or new where higher octane fuel power, fuel system cleaning and maintenance, and a plentiful upper cylinder lubricant are desired.  With the reduction in sulfur to less than 30 ppm….which is your high pressure lubricant, and the introduction of ethyl alcohol, the need for lubricity has never been greater.  Dry fuels without lubricity are the number one reason for bore and ring failure!

Racing vehicles need ACES IV Gasoline Formula for the same reason that street engines do.  Regular ACES IV is great for them as long as the compression ratio is 11:1 or under. However, if pinging occurs at correct mix ratio, then ACES IV-P may be needed.

(Over 11:1 vehicles see ACES IV-P) Two-stroke applications need ACES IV-2S to help lock the fuel and oil together so they do not separate while providing plentiful lubricity as well. 

ACES IV Gasoline Formula chemically changes 87 octane fuel up to a 96 octane effect, 89 to up to 98 and 93 is improved up to a 102 Motor (112 Research) octane effect. It contains a high quality fuel injector/carburetor cleaner for proper spray patterns.

ACES IV also has 5 times the synthetic lead byproduct that produces a copious upper cylinder lubricant that reduces cylinder/bore wear by 600% and valve recession by 360%


Stock Car Racing Magazine evaluated ACES IV and found it to be just what any engine would need to reduce bore friction.


It contains no lead, and is EPA Registered and Certified. ACES IV Gasoline Formula is formulated for all vehicles old and new.  Also the 2010 “How To Build A Small Block Chevy On A Budget” book dedicated a page to ACES IV:


ACES IV Gasoline Formula is formulated for all vehicles that are OBDII and CANBUS computer programmed.

The ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formula can be used with mixed or injected oil systems.

The ACES IV, ACES IV-P, and ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formulas are all available in 32 oz squeeze bottles as well as 128 oz gallons. The 32 oz squeeze bottle treats 192 gallons, and the 128 oz gallons treat 770 gallons of fuel. Mix ratio is 1 oz per 6 gallons of gasoline.

The gallon form comes with an 8 oz squeeze bottle that treats 48 gallons at a time before refilling, and can be put in a glove compartment or door pocket for easy retrival.

One 32 oz bottle – treats 192 gallons. Also available in cases of 8 bottles per case.

One 128 oz gallon jug-treats 770 gallons. Includes one 8 oz squeeze bottle for easy and accurate dispensing. Also available in 4 gallons per case. Includes one 8 oz squeeze bottle for each gallon to use for dispensing.  


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