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Mexico Benefits from ACES Diesel Formula

Mexico City has always struggled with emission problems due to the shear amount of vehicles in the city both Diesel and Gasoline.


We were asked to see if our ACES Diesel Formula would be able to positively effect the air quality while reducing CO2 emissions, increase equipment life and reduce fuel consumption.

Starting December 20 2017, we did baselines on 10 Mercedes Marco Polo Six Cylinder busses. 5 from 2006 and 5 from 2009. We did baselines emissions for all the units and took oil samples from each unit.

We pulled injectors out of a 2006 and a 2009 . . . → Read More: Mexico Benefits from ACES Diesel Formula

ACES IV helps 598 Chevy Big Block out power Racing Fuel!

Racing fuels are generally used in these big block engines. However, due to the price of fuel they require ($9.00 per gallon +) to run them, people have been looking for ways to continue to enjoy these high performance engines (in cars and boats) but without the high cost of the fuels needed to run them..

Word of mouth and the internet have brought a lot of these people to us to inquire about ACES IV. In the last year we have picked up over 1500 customers who have now abandoned the use of racing fuels and are now . . . → Read More: ACES IV helps 598 Chevy Big Block out power Racing Fuel!

Jed's OCD 11th Oil Change with QuantumBlue Lubricants!

Jed’s OCD started using QuantumBlue when his car had just 30,928 miles on his 2008 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L MDS Hemi. Since that time he has driven a total of 139,669 miles on 11 oil changes with his most recent one being at 13,998 miles. So Jed has averaged 12,697 miles per change. His most recent change has 25 iron or 1.78 ppm per 1000 miles of bore wear, zero chromium – so no ring wear, zero lead – so no bearing wear, 5 aluminum or 35/100ths of 1 ppm per 1000 miles of piston wear and no nickel – . . . → Read More: Jed’s OCD has performed is 11th Oil Change with QuantumBlue Lubricants!

14,000 miles on 1 oil change using ACES IV and QuantumBlue!

Just recently, we had a customer with a 5.7L VVT MDS Hemi V8 in a Dodge Durango decide to change over from the Dodge dealership oil 5w20 over to QuantumBlue 7.5w23 HP Competition Formula 5.7L VVT MDS Hemi Custom Blended Engine Oil, a QuantumBlue Ultra HP White Filter while using ACES IV Gasoline Formula designed for EFI use. Knowing how durable our products are, he went 14,000 miles on one oil drain! Read here for the results