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Jed's OCD 11th Oil Change with QuantumBlue Lubricants!

Jed’s OCD started using QuantumBlue when his car had just  30,928 miles on his 2008 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L MDS Hemi.  Since that time he has driven a total of  139,669 miles on 11 oil changes with his most recent one being at 13,998 miles.  So Jed has averaged 12,697 miles per change.  His most recent change has 25 iron or 1.78 ppm per 1000 miles of bore wear, zero chromium - so no ring wear, zero lead – so no bearing wear, 5 aluminum or 35/100ths of 1 ppm per 1000 miles of piston wear and no nickel – so no valve wear.   This is a long term continuous trend.  Had Jed changed his oil every 3000 miles he would have gone through almost 47 oil changes.  Who do you think is protecting his car, saving money and the environment??!  B.

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