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Quantum Blue HP Gold Coolant

QuantumBlueTM  HP Gold Coolants


Todays cars especially have requirements for one of several specific coolants:

IAT (Inorganic Additive Technology)   which reads Inorganic “Sodium Silicate” Additive Technology,

OAT  (Organic Additive Technology) which again reads Organic “Sodium Silicate” Additive Technology,

Or a HOAT which is a (Hybrid Organic Additive Techology) which reads Hybrid “Inorganic and Organic sodium” Additive Technology.

The problem is that the industry is still relying on sodium (Organic and Inorganic Salt) for boiling point and anti-corrosion properties.  Under heat and very high performance applications, they just don’t stand up!


QuantumBlue Gold HP Coolant is the ultimate leap beyond any Coolant available at any price. It is formulated using Ultra Premium Ethylene Glycol base stock that exceeds ALL the latest manufacturer specifications. This engineered formula is designed to eliminate detonation between cylinder liners in aluminum block cast iron sleeve configurations and is exceptional in both cast iron block/aluminum head engines as well as traditional cast iron head and block. It performs especially well in high heat and high performance engines where sodium drop out from other coolants  is experienced.  It is compatible for use with all green, red, blue, and orange coolant/anti-freeze, and can be used for all applications old and new for both foreign and domestic manufacturers. 

QuantumBlue  Gold HP Coolant provides the pinnacle of protection evacuating heat 4 times faster than standard coolants, incorporating a high boilover resistance, and is a single phase concentrated material which is silicate free. This means that it has no organic or inorganic salts, including Sodium Tetraborate, Sodium Silicates, and Sodium Benzoate. (The salt is the white mushy material what builds up in your radiator core, engine block, passages and recovery tanks!) It lubricates water pumps and has superior high temperature characteristics even when subjected to the most severe towing and driving applications. This product exceeds GM 6277M and is extended life for 10 years+ or 150,000 miles.

QuantumBlue Gold HP Coolant exceeds each of  the following specifications:

ANFOR 15-601                                  Ford ESE-M97B44-A                                 GM 6277M (DEX-COOL Replacement)

ASTM D-3306                                    Ford WSS-M97B41-A1                              JASO M325 (Japan)

ASTM D-4340                                    Ford WSS-M97B44-D                                JIS K 2234 (Japan)

BS 6580 (British Standard)                 FVV HEFT R443 (Germany)                       Mercedes Benz DBL 7700

Chrysler MS7170                               Glysantin G 48                                          SAE J1034

Chrysler MS9769     GM 1825M              VAG specification TL 774-C

Mix with De-ionized water or distilled water in a 50/50 ratio. Refer to Manufacturer specifications for change interval. Diesel Formulations are available. For best results, use of BND fuel products in conjunction with QuantumBlue lubricants and coolants which will greatly extend the life of your engine. Call us for more information.

It is available in concentrated 1 gallon containers ready to mix 50/50 or purchase it in premixed (with distilled water) as a pour and go.

sold per gallon each (premixed) or in 4 gallons per case

Sold per gallon each in concentrate or in 4 gallons per case

55 gallon drums are available upon request.

To purchase QuantumBlue Gold or any QuantumBlue products, or for more information,
email to:  or call 440-821-9040


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