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ACES IV helps 598 Chevy Big Block out power Racing Fuel!

Racing fuels are generally used in these big block engines. However, due to the price of fuel they require ($9.00 per gallon +) to run them, people have been looking for ways to continue to enjoy these high performance engines (in cars and boats) but without the high cost of the fuels needed to run them..

Word of mouth and the internet have brought a lot of these people to us to inquire about ACES IV. In the last year we have picked up over 1500 customers who have now abandoned the use of racing fuels and are now using pump fuels and ACES IV. One of our customers said it best:

“I am tired of financing my weekends!” and “ I am also tired of dumping half my paycheck into the gas tank!”

So, last Friday, one of them was working with a Chevy 598 V8. He has traditionally used racing fuel in this engine. He made an appointment with the dyno shop running a Super Flow SF902 dyno.

The guys there favor racing fuel and feel that these fuels are the best as producing power and torque. When my customer brought them the engine, he wanted to baseline on 110 octane fuel and then wanted to test 91 octane fuel by itself, and then ACES IV in 91 octane fuel to have a full comparison between them.

The guys at the dyno saw the ACES IV and laughed at 1 oz per 6 gallons in 91 as having any chance of doing anything in the 598 compared to the 110.


What happened there created all kinds of questions as to what else we do including nitrous, alcohols (ethyl and methyl) as well as nitromethane and E85.

I was given copies of the dyno runs with 110, 91 and 91 with ACES IV for comparisons. I have authorization from the customer to share the results. I thought it would be good to post them here for review.






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