Automotive Lubricants in OHIO,

and Beyond

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis

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Automotive Lubricants in OHIO,

and Beyond

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis (440) 821-9040


If you’re a vehicle owner, lubricant and fuel technology is crucial to maintaining the longevity of your ride. That’s where our professionals come in. BND is here to provide you with the highest quality of automotive lubricants and fuel catalysts you can find anywhere in the world. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you are more than satisfied with our services and the results we provide to you and your vehicle. If you’ve been searching for quality fuel catalysts and lubricants, you’re in the right place.

Enhance the performance and increase the longevity of your favorite ride with our unique fuel technologies and our custom-blended lubricants from BND Automotive LLC. Our ACES and QuantumBlue product lines are ideal for new, old, foreign, domestic, street, and racing vehicles.

Why Choose BND Automotive LLC?

BND Automotive LLC designs and manufactures unique fuel catalysts and custom-blended high-performance lubricants, shipping nationwide. Take advantage of our expertise and product offerings to protect your ride. Our fuel products are EPA registered and certified and have well over 100,000,000 customer driven miles on them with zero failures on anything. Ohio-based and owned since 2000, we have 40+ years of industry experience and provide over-the-phone estimates. Call us or fill out our convenient form to request a call and fuel and lubricant needs with a BND Automotive LLC expert.


Our ACES IV Gasoline Formula is an excellent lubricant for upper cylinders. Lead-free, this formula chemically changes fuel to achieve a higher-octane effect.

ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formula

Our ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formula is perfect for gas/oil mix or injected two-stroke systems. Choose from the smaller 1-liter bottle or the larger 128-ounce gallon jugs.

ACES Diesel Formula

The ACES Diesel Formula works very well in conditions of extreme .heat or cold. Sulfur-free, it lowers fuel consumption – which is good for your bottom line!

QuantumBlue Lubricant Formulas

Trust our QuantumBlue Lubricant Formulas, which are manufactured in any motor oil viscosity, for diesel, gas, and two-stroke engines. We custom-blend this product for each engine based on your engine specifications, mileage, and operating conditions

QuantumBlue HP Gold Coolant

The QuantumBlue HP Gold Coolant disperses heat 4 times faster than standard engine coolant brands. We offer this must-have product in concentrated or premixed containers.

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At BND Automotive LLC, we take pride in providing exceptional fuel catalysts and automotive lubricants for our customers. We would be grateful if you could share your thoughts about our business with others. Your feedback helps us improve and assists others in making more informed decisions. Please take a moment to leave a review of BND Automotive LLC and let others know what you think.

Kurt N

Great product. Fantastic support. Awesome customer service. Absolutely first class group to deal with. And the product works. I can't undersell that enough. THE PRODUCT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT'S ADVERTISED TO DO.


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Shipping nationwide, BND Automotive LLC specializes in ACES fuel catalysts and QuantumBlue high-performance lubricants. EPA-registered and -certified. Product warranties. Call for details.