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"BND Automotive is a company that came into being simply because the oil and fuel industries were going in the wrong direction and for all the wrong reasons.

BND Automotive LLC came into being simply because the large companies really don't care about what happens to the individual vehicle owner. Nor do they really care about the individual companies that they deal with either. Their products are designed with minimum quality which are just barely functional with the highest margin possible between what it costs them to make it and what it costs you to purchase it!

Hi, I am Brian Schubert and I am the President and Owner of BND Automotive LLC. I used to work for a 5 billion dollar company directly with GM, Ford, Chrysler and Honda. It was my job to solve the problems that these companies ran into. My background is Chemistry, Physics and Tribology. Chemistry and Physics you know but Tribology is the science of metal against metal in relative motion with lubrication.

This means cooling systems, engines and filters, transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. Tribology also encompasses fuel combustion and the lubrication that is missing on the inside of an engine whether gasoline, diesel, nitromethane or alcohol with regards to pistons, rings, valves and guides. Producing more HP and Torque with increased longevity is one of our major goals for a customer.

We were started by me 23 years ago with the idea of not racing to the bottom as to compete in the the cheapest price, but with the vision of what our customers want for an outcome. Our customers want to have their vehicles last as long as they want them to and sidestep the planned obsolescence built in to the system.

We have engines that are lasting 200,000, 300,000 and even 400,000 miles on the original engines without any failures. Heck, we have well over 100,000,000 customer driven miles with zero failures!! The only way to do this is to design the best materials based on what you have, where you live, how you use the vehicle and what modifications you have. Just like having custom made paint for your walls, we make custom made fuel and lubricant products that come with your name on it and what the demands of the unit are. We even design engine oils that are proven by third party oil analysis to safely go as much as 4 times longer than normal.

We don't make our products based on an SAE spec alone, but what demands you really have for your specific application. Whether it is a piece of lawn equipment, a motorcycle or even a 3,000+ HP 400 mt haul truck, we make what you need for every system on the vehicle.

I guess what we are saying is if you are tired of the poor quality from off the shelf and from the fuel pump, We have the answers you seek.

Remember that our motto is simple:

BND Automotive LLC – Performance by Design! "


Brian Schubert


BND Automotive LLC


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BND Automotive LLC provides custom blended high-performance automotive lubricants and fuel catalysts nationwide.

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