QuantumBlue hp gold coolant

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis

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QuantumBlue HP Gold Coolant

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis (440) 821-9040

Coolant for Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

BND Automotive LLC manufactures QuantumBlue Gold HP Coolant, which evacuates heat 4 times faster than standard coolants. Ideal for old and new vehicles, foreign and domestic, the engineered formula exceeds all the latest automaker specifications! 

Diesel formulations are also available.

Simply mix it with de-ionized or distilled water in a 50/50 ratio. Look at the manufacturer specifications for change interval. To achieve the best results, we recommend using BND fuel products in conjunction with QuantumBlue lubricants and coolants to extend the life of your engine. 

We offer QuantumBlue HP Gold Coolant in concentrated 1-gallon containers ready to mix 50/50 or in premixed (with distilled water) containers so you can pour and go.

Upon request, 55-gallon drums are available.

Our warrantied coolant is EPA-registered and -certified. Convenient same-day shipping is available. 

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  • AANFOR 15-601

  • ASTM D-3306

  • ASTM D-4340

  • BS 6580 (British Standard)

  • Chrysler MS7170

  • Chrysler MS9769

  • Ford ESE-M97B44-A

  • Ford WSS-M97B41-A1

  • Ford WSS-M97B44-D

  • FVV HEFT R443 (Germany)

  • Glysantin G 48

  • GM 1825M

  • GM 6277M (DEX-COOL replacement)

  • JASO M325 (Japan)

  • JIS K 2234 (Japan)

  • Mercedes Benz DBL 7700

  • SAE J1034

  • VAG specification TL 774-C

Coolant That Exceeds Automaker Specifications

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