aces iv gasoline formula

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis

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aces iv gasoline formula

EPA Registered and Certified Direct Shipping Via FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Proven Performance by Oil Analysis (440) 821-9040

UNIQUE High-Performance Gas Formulas for Engines

Locally owned BND Automotive LLC’s ACES IV Gasoline Formula is designed and manufactured for regular street engines – old and new – as well as for racing vehicles. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience we develop and produce the highest-quality products on the market to increase MPG and overall engine performance. Our products come with warranties and extend the life of your engine up to 5 times!

Excellent upper-cylinder lubricants, our formulas provide higher-octane fuel power and fuel system cleaning and maintenance. They’re formulated for all vehicles that are OBDII- and CANBUS-computer-programmed.

Our products contain no lead and is EPA-registered and -certified. They chemically change fuel for a higher-octane effect. For instance, 87 octane to 96, 89 to 98, and 93 to 102 motor (112 research).

ACES IV Gasoline Formula contains a high-quality fuel injector/carburetor cleaner for proper spray patterns. This formula also has a higher synthetic lead byproduct to reduce cylinder/bore wear by 600% and valve recession by 360%. 

If pinging occurs at the correct compression mix ratio (11:1 or under), ACES IV-P may be required. To lock the fuel and oil together in two-stroke applications, we recommend ACES IV-2S Two-Stroke Gasoline Formula. This may be used with mixed or injected oil systems.

The ACES IV, ACES IV-P, and ACES IV-2S Two Stroke Gasoline Formulas come in 32-ounce squeeze bottles or 128-ounce jugs. The 32-ounce size treats 192 gallons of fuel. The 128-ounce size treats 770 gallons. The mix ratio is 1 ounce per 6 gallons of gas. 

For your convenience, we ship our products directly to you via FedEx Ground.  Contact us to discuss your automotive lubricant needs. Be sure to ask for your over-the-phone estimate. 

BND Automotive LLC designs and manufactures unique fuel catalysts and custom-blended high-performance lubricants, shipping nationwide. Take advantage of our expertise and product offerings to protect your ride. Our fuel products are EPA registered and certified and have well over 100,000,000 customer driven miles on them with zero failures on anything. Ohio-based and owned since 2000, we have 40+ years of industry experience and provide over-the-phone estimates. Call us or fill out our convenient form to request a call and fuel and lubricant needs with a BND Automotive LLC expert.

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Shipping nationwide, BND Automotive LLC specializes in ACES fuel catalysts and QuantumBlue high-performance lubricants. EPA-registered and -certified. Product warranties. Call for details.