3 Benefits of Using High-Performance Auto Lubricants

Dec 28, 2023

If you're scrolling through bottles and types of motor oil at the auto parts shop, you may be wondering which one is the best option for your vehicle. All those claims of improved performance on the labels start to blur together after a while. How do you know which lubricants are actually high-performance and beneficial to use? Here are some of the advantages of high-performance auto lubricants so you can make an informed decision next time your car needs an oil change.


One of the biggest perks of high-quality lubricants is that they extend the lifespan of the components under your hood. This is especially true for the engine, which is arguably the most pivotal part of your vehicle. Improved lubricity significantly reduces friction and wear compared to standard and synthetic blends. Therefore, you can expect your engine to remain efficient for many more miles down the road thanks to suitable protection against sludge, rust, and corrosion.


Another benefit worthy of highlighting is the fuel economy gains you'll appreciate by using premium lubricants. The lower viscosity allows your ignition system components to operate more efficiently together. These components include fuel injectors, cylinder heads, and spark plugs, which are all able to do their jobs better with less friction-rubbing power. You'll save money at the gas pumps thanks to more available miles per gallon, making high-performance oils a value-added upgrade for your vehicle.


Nothing's more bothersome than having to add oil between scheduled oil changes because it gets burned at higher rates in less efficient engines. On the other hand, quality auto lubricants reduce oil volatility substantially, meaning less gets burned off between oil changes. You won't have to pop the hood and top fluids off as often when your engine isn't ingesting and evaporating as much in the first place. Look for heavier viscosity blends marketed as low consumption with less volatile synthetic-based oils.

When you cut through the marketing lingo and claims on bottles at auto stores, high-performance lubricants truly do deliver tangible advantages. Your engine, fuel economy, oil consumption levels, and overall driving experience stand to benefit from upgraded oil, which should be changed at least once a year, according to NerdWallet. If it's time to change your oil, our team at BND Automotive LLC offers high-performance auto lubricants. Contact us today to learn more!