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BND Automotive LLC is a company dedicated to performance. Whether you have an old or new high performance car, an SUV, a small vehicle or even a very large vehicle, we are here to design and manufacture our products for your exact applications!

Let’s face it, when it comes to products we purchase in the pursuit of better acceleration, longer lasting units, or just trying to reduce our operating costs, we generally have been tricked, schmoozed, and marketed to death with a bunch of empty promises.  If we are honest with each other, you have at least one shelf and maybe more of products that you have tried in the pursuit of lower maintenance, greater speed and acceleration,  quieter engine or the pursuit of alleviating the Hemi Tick or at least reducing your costs. The product marketing wasn’t bad, the salesman seemed to make sense, but the actual product you bought didn’t fix the problem you were trying to solve and worse, it might produce a detrimental result.

The overall situation is when we purchase something we want it to do what we bought it for.

 We offer the Best products, Needed protection, Direct to you… That’s BND.


With that in mind, the first experience with disappointment was In 1985. We bought our first car in 1980, a 1969 Dodge Charger. After spending the next five years restoring it, we wanted it to stay restored.

We began to search for products to protect the engine, the interior and exterior. We tried all the “name brand” protectants, the “name brand” gas additives, and the “name brand” engine wear protectors. We found that the protectants for the interior/exterior were greasy, attracted dust and dirt, and actually were worse than doing nothing, because they were silicone based oils, petroleum distillates, and/or wax! Silicone oils, petroleum distillates, and wax by their very nature are destructive to vinyl and plastics. The gas additives were petroleum based, contained hazardous chemicals, and in some cases compounds that would eat the bearings in the engine. They wiped out the detergents and dispersents in the oil, and turned the exhaust tips black inside. We tried actual high octane racing fuel, which worked, but at up to $8.00 per gallon, it wasn’t going very far at that price while lining the pockets of oil company executives. The engine wear additives showed no improvement in smoothness or performance, they were made with 70 year old technology including chlorine, paraffin, Teflon, sinterable metals, and inert inactive ingredients.

The old saying goes, if you want something done right, you do it yourself.  So we got a team of scientists together and worked on developing materials that would protect all the components.

We developed the technology for the ACES IV Gasoline Formula for our fuel. With ACES IV Gasoline Formula cars don’t  foul plugs, carbon up the carburetor, throttle bodies, oil, or the exhaust. Immediately the engine will smoother and more powerful.

The ACES IV Gasoline Formula lowers emissions, while advancing initial timing as much as 4-5 degrees with total advance of 42 degrees. Remember, this is on pump gas!!

Using 91 octane premium and the ACES IV Gasoline Formula achieved an octane effect of 102 octane gas producing 25 more horsepower in a Chevrolet 355 small block with 14.7 to 1 CR. The byproduct of burning the ACES IV Gasoline Formula produces a high quality upper cylinder lubricant, for lubricating and cushioning the upper cylinders in all engines. Whether it be gasoline, racing applications, diesel, 2-stroke, nitromethane, or alcohol our ACES  formulas make more power, reduce wear, and increase economy.

ACES IV Gasoline Formula makes a lubricant that is actually better than Tetra-ethyl or tetra-methylead!!  You will get better gas mileage – up to 14% better – and the engine will have more power. We recommend the use of ACES IV Gasoline Formula in all  vehicles. By the way, it is safe for all catalytic converters and emissions systems.

Another development is the culmination of years of lubrication research. It is called QuantumBlue Oils and lubricants. This has synthetic characteristic base oil from mineral stock that has been hydrotreated to take all the wax and pariffin from the oil. We produce a water clear oil we call Mineral Synthesis base stock. It resists gum and varnish 6 times better than regular petroleum oils. QuantumBlue has a base stock that has no reactive hydrocarbons and has no solvent. It is the best of all worlds with no compromise.  The flat tappet cam issues are caused by the lack of proper amounts of detergent – Magnesium, extreme anti-wear – Phosphorous and your anti-scuff – Zinc (ZnDDP) .  We manufacture oils to address the loss of these components.  Ask us about QuantumBlue for Engines, transmissions, differentials, power steering units etc. We make formulas at our manufacturing facility to meet your specifications. Call us for more details.

One of the things that really frustrates us is when we find out that a product we have been using for years has created major problems for us, and we didn’t even know it. We are talking about coolants.

Did you know that ALL of the coolants you buy from the stores and distributors have Sodium (SALT) in them!!? YES, they do! Many of our cars have aluminum heads at least, and maybe even aluminum blocks. Well we put a stop to that!

We now manufacture or own coolants that have a 286 deg F. boil over, and a -43 below freeze point without any sodium tetra borate, sodium silicates, or sodium benzoate! Sodium free and 5 years or 150,000 miles of use! Check out our QuantumBlue HP Gold Antifreeze/Coolants for more details!

Then we developed our QuantumBlue Line of protectant products for the interior and exterior.  It makes the interior and exterior of all the vehicles shiny, but isn’t greasy, doesn’t attract dust, and it contains a UV (ultra violet) protectant equal to SPF 40. It is like protects your stuff like sunscreen! The QuantumBlue fabric protector really repells liquids and stains, and also has the UV protectant in a convenient spray. You will be impressed with the QuantumBlue fabric protector   We make QuantumBlue Cleaners and protectants for fabric tops, carpet, dashboards, plastics, plastic coated rims etc, and no “bite” in smelling or working with it. The cleaners that people have used over the years all make it hard to breathe because of the caustics they contain. Our cleaner  is so safe, you could spray your vegetables with it to clean them, rinse it off, and eat them!

We guess what were saying is that like you, WE HAVE TRIED ALL THE STUFF OUT THERE with mixed results and satisfaction, so we produced the ultimate combination in performance, wear, and durability for any vehicle ourselves. The reason BND Automotive LLC was formed was to provide these cutting edge products and the fruits of our research directly to you. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find it enjoyable, informative, and exciting. After you buy one of our products, We want to hear from you about your experiences. We know you will be impressed with your results. Also, T-shirts and hats are now available to purchase with the QuantumBlue, and ACES logos on them. Ask us for more details


Brian Schubert

President and Owner

BND Automotive LLC

Advanced Combustion Engineered Solutions LLC (ACES)

BND Automotive LLC is NOT affiliated in any way with American Clean Energy Systems Inc. Volant PA.